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Thibus school management solution

Thibus School Management solution is complete solution for computerizing school management in any type of school. The TSMSS helps administrators of schools to manage activities smoothly and easily. The software package, reporting structure and software interfaces have been designed for the Sri Lankan school environment and administrative system. The software uses a Microsoft MSDE data base for storing data divided into twelve separate databases -- students, teachers and other staff, financial, inventory, principalís diary, alumni, program setup, Calendar and Syllabus details. It runs with SQL and can be easily upgraded for any future needs. The architecture is designed to deliver high performance with reliability. Furthermore, using its experience of more than eleven years in local language software packages, in which it is the market leader, Science Land Corporation has designed the TSMSS menu items to be viewed in Sinhala, Tamil or English. Ease of use has been a primary focus in designing the TSMSS. Potential users can start using the software package after a training program of just one day, although we would recommend a three day program to obtain the maximum benefits from the package.

User benefits

  • Offers trilingual language support
  • Easy to work with and reduces tension in working
  • Reduces bulk load of manual work dramatically
  • Reduces exhausting documentation, file handling and storing
  • Assures information security
  • Information is presented in proper formats
  • Handling student, teacher and other staff details
  • Arranging school time tables and sport meet operations
  • Supports financial and inventory operations
  • Deals with alumni details
  • And many more features
  • Complete software manual
  • 24 hours online support centre (Software support and technical support)
  • Comprehensive training on the software
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