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Past Achievements

followings are the some of the highlighted achievements by Scienec Land for the past 2 decades.

Development of DOS based Trilingual Word Processing Software package

“A tri-lingual word processor which enables the simultaneous use of Sinhala, Tamil, and English in the same document, has been developed.....”
Daily News, Tuesday, August 8, 1989


We were highly rewarded for our path of excellence

“...... producing a satisfactory and working word processing package that could be used on IBM PC compatible computers as a trilingual word-processor. This successful endeavour has amply illustrate their talents and their knowledge of software development….. “
Prof. V. K. Samaranayake, Chairman,
Computer and Information Technology Council of Sri Lanka.
September 18, 1989


Science Land Corp. launches Thibus Sinhala-English and Vise-versa Translator Software

“An electronic Sinhala to English and vise versa dictionary under the name “Thibus Sinhala-English Word Translator “ was commercially launched on Friday by its developer Science Land Corporation Ltd., pioneers in introducing Sinhala Language into computing.”
Daily Mirror, Monday, July 31, 2000


“Science Land Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. has introduced the Thibus product range, a Sinhala-English Word Translator, the latest addition to their range….”
“The software package translates from English to Sinhala and vice versa through an easy to use interface…. “
The Sunday Times, Sunday, August 6, 2000


“President Mahinda Rajapaksha recently launched a new web site for online Sinhala and Tamil translation www.thibusme.com at Temple Trees.….”

Daily Mirror, Tuesday, May 2, 2006



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