Products - Treasury Operations Manager (TOM)

Thibus Treasury Operation Management System.(TOM)

This is complete solution for handling payments and collecting incoming revenue of any government. It can handle all payments for the ministries, authorities, departments and councils not only that but also collect incoming revenue from the government ministries, departments, provincial and councils.

This application mainly focuses of four major tasks.

1) Handling all payments of the government organizations.

2) Receiving all income from government and manage incoming sources.

3) Maintain three cash books for the DTS bank account

  • Payment cash book
  • receipts cash book
  • Cash book summery

4) Maintaining bank reconciliation.

User benefits

  • TOM uses centralized database.because of that it reduces processing time and errors.
  • Using TOM you can handle multiple user levels.
  • TOM easily handled government ledgers and cash flow codes.
  • Invalid ledger entry or invalid cash flow codes are not allowed.immediately display error message.
  • There are no spelling mistakes when you print cheques because if we put amount of money to system, it will automatically print that money amount in characters.
  • Highly user friendly interfaces.
  • Strong data validation techniques.



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